They Do What They Want. Do What They Tell You.

Need a soundtrack for dungeons deep and caverns old? Look no further. Your quest ends here.

In the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, while I was up late and doomscrolling, I learned about and quickly purchased MÖRK BORG. Look, I’ve been totally on board with tabletop roleplaying games since birth, really was curious about the concept of OSR, and was super eager to dungeon delve…


Official and fan-created resources to help Game Masters and Players navigate MÖRK BORG — the most dangerous tabletop role playing game.

Whether your party decides to quest into unknown depths of a flooded Wästland ravine or treasure hunt among the craggy hardstone of Bergen Chrypt, you’ll need every resources at your disposal. Bring a femur (d4)!

Updated regularly, the links, videos, and resources below and will help you plan adventures, set…

Adam Umak

Educator and YAL Author // #DSA 🌹 // #ATCQ #MÖRKBORG #RTJ #ThieveryCorpDC

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